Feel free to rest in a yoga class

I don’t favor the sort of yoga class that resembles calisthenics in a discothèque with lots of strenuous jumping around and flopping around. Of course if others want that sort of thing they’re free to have it.

If one is in a yoga class that begins to seem too strenuous or too tiring, one should always feel free to stop and rest for as many minutes as one many need. One doesn’t need to prove anything to oneself or to others in a yoga class.

Yoga Zeal Moon & Stars Yoga Mat

Yoga Zeal Moon & Stars Yoga Mat (in Black)

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December 27, 2013

A new restaurant, Vinland, in Portland, Maine, “promises to deliver 100 percent local cuisine. [The] radical approach means no olive oil, no lemons, sugar or black pepper will be used in his open kitchen. If [the chef] can’t find it in New England, he’ll improvise,” reports Bangor Daily News.

May 23, 2013

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Can You Do Yoga if You Aren’t Flexible?

“A trial addressing the legality of a yoga program in Encinitas[, California,] elementary schools concluded its third day Wednesday without a resolution, and will now go on hiatus until at least late June.”–utsandiego.com