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I recently read The Obesity Fix: How to Beat Food Cravings, Lose Weight and Gain Energy, by James Di Nicolantonio and Siim Land. I enjoyed reading it, not so much as a source of new information, but as an affirmation of ideas that I have previously picked up from books by those two authors and from other reading I have done on nutrition. The book is well worth $9.99 that the Kindle edition costs, but I would not have considered the paperback for $36.99 a good deal.

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I have read the so-called story “Homecoming” that takes up the first 125 pages of the recently released book Sparring Partners by John Grisham. “Homecoming” is not so much a story or a novella as it is an unfinished novel. It appears that Grisham thought of a premise for a story, have a lawyer steal some clients’ funds and go off secretly to Central America, but reached a point where he decided to abandon the novel because there didn’t seem to be anywhere for it to go. An unfinished novel is not a novella, in my opinion, and it is ethically dubious to pretend that it is. A sort of fraud upon the purchaser, some might well think. I am not currently planning to read the other two “stories” in the volume.

A moral to be drawn?

A moral can be drawn from the adventures on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean of a certain duo in the past two years or so. They went to California to fund their freedom, but, when the opportunity arose, chose to take the low road instead of the high road. By doing so, they diminished their own chances of earning the big money they seek, so it seems to me.