May 12, 2010

Today is the sixth day that I’ve been trying to eat and drink the sort of things that will help me to lower the level of the bad type of cholesterol. I’m not trying to lose weight, but it so happens that I have lost thirteen pounds. And today at the gym I got a blood pressure reading with both numbers in the normal range. Since I’ve been paying attention to blood pressure readings in the past few years, I don’t think I’ve ever before had a reading with both numbers in the normal range.

I still have a lot of whole milk in the house, since I had recently bought three half-gallons at Costco. I haven’t thrown it away, but I’m just using it in coffee and tea. I’m not drinking it by the glass. And instead of butter, I am using Smart Balance.

For breakfast, I have a cup of coffee and a banana. I have an orange as a mid-morning snack. For lunch, I scramble three tablespoons of egg-white liquid and eat that on a toasted “deli flat” or “sandwich thin.” (I used to have a fried egg sandwich.) I also have a non-fat yogurt and a tomato and two cups of tea. For supper, I cook an Alaskan salmon patty in the oven. I eat that with macaroni, 8 asparagus spears, and either corn or black-eyed peas. I accompany the meal with water or sometimes with green tea.

I’m not eating egg yolks, meat, cheese, ice cream, or french-fried potatoes. If I want a snack in the evening, I toast a “deli flat” or “sandwich thin” and put some peanut butter on it. Sometimes late at night I have a chamomile and hibiscus tea.