In 1992, Delouis were the first to launch on the market a natural fresh mayonnaise with no chemical additives (no preservatives, no stabilizers, no color agents, no artificial flavor…), using all the freshest ingredients: sunflower oil, egg yolk, Dijon mustard, fresh lemon juice, salt.

The result has been an exceptional smooth great tasting mayonnaise which has prompted comments “tastes like the real thing”, “homemade quality”, “superb”, “no need to do my own”…

Raw oysters

“A federal effort to ban the sale of raw oysters harvested during the warm months along the Gulf Coast has kicked up a hurricane of opposition from oystermen and members of Congress and threatened to derail a signature food-safety initiative by the Obama administration,” says the New York Times.

I didn’t know people ate raw oysters year-round. I thought they were in season only in months that contain the letter “r.” Every school day for six years I traveled to school on a streetcar that ran along Centre Street in Jamaica Plain. I haven’t forgotten that one of the stops was near a fish market with a large sign in the window, “Oysters ‘R’ in season!” The sign was in the window from September through April.