Feel free to rest in a yoga class

I don’t favor the sort of yoga class that resembles calisthenics in a discothèque with lots of strenuous jumping around and flopping around. Of course if others want that sort of thing they’re free to have it.

If one is in a yoga class that begins to seem too strenuous or too tiring, one should always feel free to stop and rest for as many minutes as one many need. One doesn’t need to prove anything to oneself or to others in a yoga class.

Yoga Zeal Moon & Stars Yoga Mat

Yoga Zeal Moon & Stars Yoga Mat (in Black)

“Yoga Zeal mats blend fashion-forward design with innovative functionality and bio-renewable consciousness. An ingenious combination of a yoga mat and yoga towel, this mat is great for hot yoga practitioners and magically grips the more you sweat. It’s made of a luxuriously soft, suede-like top cover and sturdy, natural rubber backing.”–AHALife

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Cavalo Forza Road Helmet

Cavalo Forza Road Bicycle Helmet

Cavalo Forza Road Bicycle Helmet, Nashbar.com

There’s so much to love about the Cavalo Forza, a remarkable value in a road cycling helmet. Not only is it lightweight, but as its name suggests it’s plenty strong, too. Superb airiness will keep you cool on a hot day while the FlexLoc retention system ensures a precision fit.

High density foam and molded thermoplastic exterior provide excellent impact resistance
FlexLoc retention system for easy adjustments while riding
25 vents help you keep cool when the day gets hot